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Nemo Update

Who remembers Nemo our little 3 day old cutie who should have  been with her mummy for the last 4 weeks.

Instead she is with Bunny and me.

4 weeks ago her mum, young herself, gave birth to two still born… More kittens and this little one too.

Aside of having no milk, she also was not cut out for motherhood.

When our back was turned she put her only surviving kitten, Nemo in the waterbowl several times.

Just look at Nemo now!!

Isn’t it sad that mum had to endure this, plus the kitten is now motherless and has to make do with Bunny and me. Poor mum’s now getting over her ordeal now and getting all the love and attention  she needs and deserves.

We are continuing with feeding, toileting and nurturing this teeny tiny kitten around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.