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New and unusual arrivals at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

New and unusual arrivals at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary
It has been known for people to drop off other animals at the rescue despite us being a Cat Sanctuary.
Late on Wednesday night whilst dealing with yet another critically ill cat a volunteer spotted a white rabbit in his headlights on the road around the rescue, and then another, and then a brown one , and then a “tabby” one.. initially we believed they had escaped and after a lot of running around Ashbourne Avenue, Crescent, Road and Grove we managed to catch the little tinkers.

In the middle of all this we found Peep, a young desperately ill kitten too, and obviously had to deal with Nellie the critically ill and dehydrated elderly cat (that started this whole debacle off🤣).

Later on we found the boxes that suggested that all 4 rabbits and Peep had been intentially left outside the rescue.

We managed to convert our previous chicken coop into a safe haven for the rabbits overnight.
We named them Parsley, Sage, Dill and Basil.

Parsley was takent to the vets as an emergency as he had a wound on his leg which needed urgent surgery and was castrated at the same time.

The others were health checked, sexed and planned their neutering for next week.
So it would seem that we have 4 very happy (and added unexpected expense) bunnies settling into life here at Bradford Cat (and bloody rabbit) Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.

Did you know that in the last 5 days Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary has spent over £4000 in vet care and also in the last 5 days we have seen the most horrendous cruelty , abuse and neglect that we have ever seen in such a short space of time.
Anything you can give, even £1, will help keep us supporting critically ill cats, kittens, and apparently now rabbits! We cannot do this without your ongoing and amazing support 💚
All the ways to help are on our Donate page.

£1.. just one £1 please.

Many thanks