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New Arrival Arlett

New unexpected arrival last night Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Yesterday evening, following a ring at our gate we were presented with an aldi bag. From a distance and on camera it looked like a donation however thankfully I was able to answer and in the bag was littke Arlet who is only around 6 weeks old, apparently found in a garden locally??
Though a little scared, Arlett is recovering from her ordeal in isolation to ensure she hasn’t brought any bugs into the rescue.

Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks or so we are closed for ” planned” admissions for strays / unvaccinated cats as we are full and we cannot squeeze extras in due to the nasty panleukopenia virus which is sweeping West Yorkshire .

This virus is already in many rescues and we are doing all we can to avoid transmission into Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary as the virus is a killer and has already wiped out a lot of cats and kittens in other rescues which is heartbreaking and so avoidable with good hygiene, vaccinations and not overcrowding.