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New Arrival: Blitzen (NOW ADOPTED!)

Blitzen, rescued Dec 2019 and received emergency treatment.

This is Blitzen – an unneutered stray who arrived to us in the condition you see before you.
There are very few words i can use to express how unbelievable disgusted and ashamed i am that anyone could let a poor cat get into this much of a devastating state.

At this stage we are unsure if it is a serious case of flu or trauma and has received emergency treatment. He is bleeding from the severity of his wounds and will be reassessed by our own vets in the morning.

Please VACCINATE and NEUTER your cats and do not abandon your pets when they are in this condition.

Pets are a privilege, not a right!

Want to help?

If you, like everyone at the rescue, want to help us make a difference to Blitzen’s life and help with any medical costs and help him on the road to recovery please see our donations page.

Thank you for spreading kindness.