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New Arrival: Carbonara

Today we were called to a very urgent situation.

A known stray cat had hopped through a window as usual for morning snack!!

Shortly after she gave birth to 4 kittens. The feeder panicked and called us for help.

Carbonara and her 4 kittens Ravioli, Farfelle, Pappadelle and Spaghetti were all trying to feed however were all very cold.

We rushed them all back to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary and placed them in an intensive care unit on our Critical care ward to warm up.

Unfortunately little Spaghetti had to be rushed to the vets as she had Gastroschisis which is a birth defect where a hole in the abdominal (belly) wall beside the belly button allows the kittens intestines to extend outside of the baby’s body.

In most cases most vets would would immediately advise euthanasia however the amazing team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery agreed to try surgically repair this defect.

At just 3 hours old Spaghetti underwent intricate surgery which was successful however upon recovery she crashed and sadly passed.

Whilst this is such a tragic result and we always hope for a good outcome, we we not shocked.

We want to say a massive thank you to our veterinary hero’s at Northcote Vets. Whilst we do not win every battle … together we always try.

Carbonara and her 3 remaining kittens will remain in intensive care tonight.