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New Arrival: Clara

A few days ago little Clara was found, distressed entangled in a hedge not too far from the Sanctuary. We immediately knew she was pregnant, made enquiries locally to see if she had an owner and it soon became evident that she was left outside with Annabelle and her kittens 2 weeks ago unbeknown to us at the time.

Unfortunately Clara began to show life threatening symptoms yesterday and we rushed her to the vets. They agreed her symptoms were dangerous and gave her antibiotics immediately.

Today she was reviewed and it was decided that the safest option for mum would be an emergency ceaserian this morning. Clara was fine throughout the operation however her little kitten wasn’t. She was very floppy and required resuscitation.
Sadly Clara has no milk or maternal instinct and we are working on this.

In the meantime we are not seperating mum and kitten at all. They are both in intensive care and we are currently feeding her every 30-45 mins. This is not only exhausting. It is heartbreaking to see a bewildered mummy cat who has had to have major surgery to save her life all because SOMEONE didnt neuter her.

Aside of all the upset, this has dented our finances as the surgery cost just over £650.

If you would like to donate towards Clara and Kittens life saving surgery there are several ways you can do this all listed on our website:

As ever, thank you x x