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New Arrival: Harvest

3 month old Harvest has had a tough 24 hours.

Last night he sustained a serious injury and his owners could not get an appointment at a subsidised veterinary clinic.

They contacted us for advice and today when he arrived with us was rushed to our amazing vets immediately.

Following an afternoon of sedation, x-rays , examinations and tests it has been revealed that Harvest has a fracture to the femoral head/neck of femur. This area of the leg is the toughest bone in a cats body and some horrific force such as a kick or stamp is the only realistic cause.

The pain and bruising that Harvest has endured is so severe that surgery has been delayed until Monday to give chance for the swelling to settle.

The surgery and drugs alone will cost in the region of £1000 and that’s on top of todays investigations and x-rays.

If you wish to donate towards Harvests care please donate here.

Thank you.