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New Arrival: Sash

New arrivals at BCWR this afternoon.

This is Sash. Sash was found trapped on a basement windowsill of  property in Bradford with her 4 newborn kittens that were born this morning.

Volunteers had to carefully… More and tactfully lift her  and her kittens through a tiny gap to bring them both to safety at street level.

The saddest thing about rescuing Sash  is,   that  when they arrived back at the rescue Sash  was absolutely  starving … yet whilst she was trapped on the windowsill she made no attempt  to leave her kittens to find food for herself.

Another needless birth… but at least she will have no more.

❤These kittens are far too young to be considered for adoption and we will not be responding  to any adoption  enquiries  regarding this little family for at least the next 9 weeks.❤