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New Arrival: Uro

This is Uro.
Uro was referred to us via a vets in leeds.
Uro is ariund one year old, was a stray and we believe he was likely involved in a near fatal RTA.
Uro has sustained shocking injuries including a fractured pelvis in several places and also a lofe threatening ruptured diaphram.

A ruptured diaphram or also known as a diaphragmatic hernia is when a traumatic incident causes the the internal organs to be pushed up through the diaphram into the chest through a tear.

Uro will be having emergency surgery tomorrow at Leeds Veterinary Centre to repair the diaphram injury and the pelvis injury will be addressed later.

If you would like to donate to Uros life saving surgery tomorrow and follow up all the ways you can are on our donate page. Your £1 can literally save a life.

Many thanks