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New Arrival: Wilf

New emergency arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary.
This is Little Wobbly Wilf.
Wilf is only around 4 weeks old and is already struggling with what life has thrown at him.

It was at the request of the owner that he came to us for nursing.

Wilf has significant brain damage and a severely injured hind limb which is likely broken.

Wilf is on very strong pain relief and we are currently feeding him around the clock.
He will have xrays when he is a little stronger.

We are confident that Wilf’s injuries are accidental.

Its very easy to judge the situation however with the right support, education and guidance we are certain that the outcome will be the very best it can be.

Wilf is currently in intensive care and we will ensure his mum and siblings also receive the most appropriate care going forward.

He had a settled evening, took his feeds well and appears comfortable.
He is cuddling up to Harriet Heartbeat and having a snooze until his next feed in 2 hours.