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New Arrivals: 3 week old Bradford kitten trio

Too young to be without their Mum, this Bradford kitten trio are 3 weeks old and are fighting to survive with the help of volunteers at BCWR.

This helpless trio were found at a dumped in a box in a council depot in Bradford earlier today.
They are around 3 weeks old and their prognosis is very guarded.

They will be nursed around the clock and we can only hope they can rally to survival.
Due to their fragile little bodies they are in no way being considered for adoption.

Please do not message us about adoption… cos we have not got time to reply while nursing them and the other cats and kittens in our care.

Also…. We do not advocate the practice of handing out orphaned kittens to poor mums who are already under such an enormous strain raising their own babies. Not only is this unfair on mum it also carries a huge risk of cross infection. Many feline diseases lie dormant for several weeks or months before symptoms present.