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This is Betty and Bertie.
They are only around 10 weeks old and have the most horiffic injuries. When they arrived last night we rushed them straight to the vets. Bertie has a dreadful pelvic fracture and Betty has spinal injuries.

Both Betty and Berties injuries are so severe that their bladders are not functioning and we are nursing them around the clock, we have having to manually express their bladders and take care of all their hygeine needs and administering strong pain relief. We hope in time their bladder function will improve.

Betty and Bertie are currently together on our critical care ward in intensive care. They will be there for quite some time and are not in any way being considered for adoption. In the next few days they will be having further tests including xrays.

If you woukd like to donate to Bertie and Bettys care all the ways you can help are on our donate page.

Many thanks