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New emergency arrivals: Tender, Jet and Pump

Earlier Tuesday evening we received a call from our friends at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Control Room.They had attended a minor house fire however when the fire had been dealt with it was agreed with all parties that the kitties should be moved to a rescue environment. The Fire Service brought the feline family to us. Tender ( Mum) and Jet appear in reasonable condition however little Pump is currently receiving emergency care.She is severely dehydrated, hypothermic and hypoglycemic.In addition littke Pump has a significantly abnormal abdomen. We are grateful to all the officers involved in this rescue and will do our best to look after them all despite Pumps’ very guarded prognosis.

♥♥Wednesday Early Morning Update:

Finally little Pump has a readable temperature. Whilst her temperature is still very low (33.9) its slowly increasing..We will continue to give fluids and glucose throughout the night and hopefully by morning her ” vital numbers” may be some where near normal.At this stage we believe littke Pump may have a degree of brain damage however its a little too soon to be sure.

♥♥Wednesday Lunchtime Update:

Little Pump is making slow and steady progress. Whilst still subnormal her temperature is still rising.She has finally just taken a little Royal Canin Recovery Liquid and is a slightly brighter. We are pretty confident that both Pump and Jet have neurological issues… however Pumps is far more severe and obvious.Tender is doing a great job looking after Jet.

♥♥Wednesday Evening Update:

Little Pump is just having a feed and has fallen asleep on the job again!