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Noodles Update

Love is.. seeing life from a slightly different angle

❤Noodles has been with us almost a week now following being found in a shed.
❤Noodles is definitely blind, almost certainly deaf, wobbly and has a significant head tilt.
❤After consulting with our vets, whilst we are not 100% certain, it is most likely that Noodles is suffering from a congenital vestibular disease with a neurological impact.
❤Noodles is loving playing with her toys in her play pen several times a day.
Noodles can also now eat Independently when encouraged.
❤Aside of the coronavirus restrictions, Noodles is NOT looking for a adoptive home anytime in the foreseeable future.
Noodles is currently being Intensively nursed in our Pawspital and will be undergoing many more observations, examinations and assessments.