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Nurse Kittens

These kittens are all named after amazing nurses I know.
Denbow (such a brave warrior), Morris, Whitelaw, Halliday, Kazi, Pearson and Fisher.
(❤💙❤ I know so many amazing nurses…it was hard to choose❤💙❤)

These little kittens had a lucky escape this evening.
They were brought to us just before they were deliberately attacked by a pack of dogs …. a couple of them do have injuries and wounds however most of them have very sticky eyes. None of them are over 6 weeks old

The police are involved and we believe that they are from at least 2 litters of varying ages.
The kittens have paddled in their food but are clearly not weaned.

Again they certainly are not being considered for adoption and their prognosis is very guarded given their age, injuries and condition.