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**** sadly only 2 hours after arriving and settling into the rescue, little Otis has peacefully died. The help arrived too late for Otis however in the end he knew love ***
New (and shocking) arrival at BCWR.
This is Otis.

Otis seems only hours old.

He is obviously premature, unable to regulate his own temperature and with very little fur to keep his teeny tiny little body warm.

He was very dehydrated and hypothermic when he arrived.
His swallow reflex is not fully developed… and on top of all that… he has 2 nasty wounds on his little body… we cannot and don’t want to imagine how these wounds appeared.

We do not believe the b@(llock# story that we have been told.

We do not believe he was found in a household bin.

All we can do is provide the best possible care, ensure Otis is comfortable and attempt to feed him….. however is prognosis is very much guarded and whilst we are hopeful ( we always have hope) we are not confident of a positive outcome for Otis.
This is a horrendous situation to be in, Otis will be attached to me 24/7 for the foreseeable future…. and will be fed around the clock every 20 mins.

Please note ….
We do not advocate the practice of handing out orphaned kittens to poor mums who are already under such an enormous strain raising their own babies.
Not only is this unfair on mum it also carries a huge risk of cross infection.
Many feline diseases lie dormant for several weeks or months before symptoms present.
I’m saddened that any poor cat has to go through the trauma of conception, pregnancy and birth.