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Our Volunteers: Aimée and Ven

Another busy day today at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Whilst Katie is cleaning Kitty Cottage, Helen is taking 2 kittens to the vets, Danny is delivering essentials, Aimee and Ven are ensuring that all our social media platforms are running correctly and in sync with each other.

The website, Twitter, Instagram, Linktree and some of our administrative systems including our pre adoption system is all done by Aimee, Ven (and little Bump).

Aimee and ven have been volunteering for us for several years and they also help with transport .
Aimee and Ven have also fostered for us too.

The volunteering they do is invaluble as we rely so much on internet, social media and IT.

❤️Aimee and Ven we love you both and appreciate all you do.❤️

Little Bump Bean – we cannot wait to meet you.