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Our Volunteers: Sonja

How super is Sonja??❤️
Its been a busy Sunday morning here at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary.

Sonja comes every Sunday and helps Katie with Kitty Cottage, well actually will do anything else too. Cleaning, sweeping, sorting and the all essential Sunday morning breakfast is all done thanks to Sonja.

She is magic with the mop, daring with the dustpan (when Jellybean is around) and brilliant with the breakfast.

Sonja cooks 2 whole chickens, cuts and bags it up every week for Humpty and friends.

She is also Carrots favourite auntie and Keyworker.

Sonja has volunteered here for around 5 years (I think, time flies).

❤️Thank you for all you do Sonja. We love you❤️