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Pen-y-Ghent Update

Today we have had a very exhausting and emotionally draining day at the rescue.

Many of you will have seen our recent admission Pen-y-ghent who had severe infection in her mouth yet had to be stabilised prior to anesthesia, xrays and surgery.

Pen-y-ghent has spent the last few days with us on antibiotics, strong pain relief and intravenous fluids.

Today she went into the vets for dental surgery to try clean the mess up.

When under anesthetic it was abundantly clear that her injuries and condition was far more sinister than we could ever imagine.

Aside of horrific infection, Pen-y-ghent has an open fractured upper and lower jaw, and in some areas totally shattered bone was exposed and literally hanging out.

It is now obvious that these injuries were inflicted on Pen-y-ghent and the most likely cause is being kicked repeatedly in the head (We are terribly upset and angry about this yet want to focus on her recovery).

Inlight of the severe infection alongside the injuries it is our belief that these are old injuries and Pen-y-ghent suffered for several days before we were called to help.

We tried for over an hour to get her seen by dental specialists and despite the £5k estimate (which we were willing to “find”) the surgery was urgent and they could not see her in the next couple of days.

In the end our amazing vet team at Northcote made a big decision and agreed set too and after over 4 hours in surgery, several extractions, reconstructing the jaw and transplanting tissue from under the tongue to create a graft and inserting an oesophageol tube for safe delivery of nutrition beautiful Pen-y-ghent is now back at the rescue on intravenous fluid therapy receiving 1:1 intensive monitoring, analgesia and care.

Whilst this surgery today didn’t cost £5k it was still a very unexpected blow to our funds in excess of £2k and there will be many more follow ups, surgical procedures and xrays in the future.

If you would like to help support Pen-y-ghent in her recovery please see the donate page 💚

Many thanks to every one that supports us, especially the team at Northcote Vets and a huge thank you to Gemma Townsend the amazing vet that has operated and looked after Pen-y-ghent so well today. Xxx