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Philomena Update 3

This morning we are delighted to tell you that after 2 weeks Philomena is now off her intravenous fluid therapy.
The decision to take her off her fluids was based on much improvement in her nutritional intake orally, she is starting to nibble food and is also taking the Royal Canin Recovery Liquid really well too.
The recovery liquid really has been a life safer for many of our cats and kittens including Boudicca our warrior princess.
Whilst expensive it really can be the difference between life and death.

Philomenas little character is now starting to shine through and her cheeky little face is happier every day.
Philomena really is making good progress however she is still very much not out of the woods, is still recieving intensive and supportive care and this little blind, deaf (and daft) kitten is not currently being considered for adoption.
On her Christmas list she would really like some scrunchy toys, kitten food in jelly and the life saving recovery liquid.

Should anyone wish to help with this orders can be delivered directly to Philomena at
Vetimed – Royal Canin Canine/Feline Recovery Liquid 3 x 200ml