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Pollyanna Update

Finally after 62 days of messy and intensive nursing at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary, Pollyanna our “Miniature Yorkshire Hairy Doll “has finally taken her first step towards preparing for adoption.

When she arrived with is she was full of horrendous flu, malnourished, emaciated and dehydrated. Due to her lasting pupil disparity we also believe she may have sustained significant head trauma too.

She spent the day at the vets today where she was finally neutered and this has been delayed for several weeks due to her persistent flu symptoms.
Pollyanna was treat like a princess at Northcote Veterinary Surgery today and thankfully her surgery was quite routine despite the risks.

We believe Pollyanna to be around 6 months old now and she is the sweetest and most affectionate little love.

When considering her future home the following factors need to be considered:
Pollyanna will likely have flu symptoms and flare ups throughout her life involving 100mph snot shots!
Pollyanna will only be re-homed as an INDOOR CAT AND as the ONLY cat in the house hold due to the risk of virus transmission. (she will always be a carrier of flu)
Pollyanna was clearly a very poorly bred kitten and was turfed out on the streets when she became ill as a young kitten. The truth is we do not know what the future holds for Pollyanna however we believe in the right loving and safe indoor environment she will thrive.

The next stage of Pollyannas care will hopefully be vaccinations in a couple of weeks. Only after then will we consider her future adoption.

If you think you may be interested and fit the criteria to adopt Pollyanna please complete the pre adoption enquiry form below and quote Pollyanna.
A volunteer will be in touch with you in the next few weeks.