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Purrrfect Pound: Philomena

Many of you will have seen Philomena, our latest admission that arrived at the rescue on Saturday.
My heart is broken seeing the amount of suffering this little one has gone through prior coming to us.

Poor Philo just looks like a battered old stray who has spent years fighting for survival in the streets.
The truth is Philomena is only around 4 months old.
She has spent the full day in the vets today having various tests and examinations.
Whilst we have no idea what has happened to her in the last few weeks of her life, what we do know is that she is lucky to be alive and if left for one more night in the streets.. then she probably wouldn’t be.

It has been confirmed by today that Philomena is both deaf and blind, she had structural damage to her spine causing nerve compression also affecting her bladder function.
There is a huge piece in the jigsaw missing and either Philomena has been involved in a traumatic incident, has congenital issues or indeed both to cause her symptoms.

Philomena will need months of veterinary care, intensive and supportive care here at the rescue, rehabilitation and intensive physio.

If you would like to donate towards her care the easiest way is via this link to PayPal

Alternatively if you don’t have PayPal you can donate with a card with this link. As always many thanks for your continued support

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