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Queenie and her kittens Bumble, Buzz, Hive and Honey

New arrivals Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary.

This is Queenie and her 1 day old kittens Bumble, Buzz, Hive and Honey.

Queenie was taken into Beehive Vets in Rothwell on Thursday following been found outside panting in the heat.

Her finder believed that she had heatstroke and acted quickly however within hours of being at the vets she soon began to give birth. It was soon established that Queenie was an abandoned pet and had been surviving on the streets for over 12 months.
Queenie and her kittens will soon be going into a volunteer foster family and will be supported throughout her motherhood.

Queenie and her kittens are currently not been considered for adoption and we will not be processing any enquiries for them for at least 8 weeks.