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Racoon & Weasel

New arrivals at BCWR.


This is Racoon and Weasel.
This pair were brought to us by vets in Leeds following a very sensitive situation.

They were born just hours ago and will be nursed around the clock tending to their every need including feeding every 30 mins, toileting and of course keeping them safe and warm.

Early signs suggest that they both may have genetic birth defects

Without their mum their prognosis is very poor as they are not receiving the colostrum from their mum through the milk which provides the initial and essential defense against infection.

We do not advocate the practice of handing out orphaned kittens to poor mums who are already under such an enormous strain raising their own babies.

Not only is this unfair on mum it also carries a huge risk of cross infection.

Many feline diseases lie dormant for several weeks or months before symptoms present.