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Rest Easy, Arthur

Here at BCWR part of our work is to provide palliative care to those cats who we cannot “mend”.

There are many illnesses and conditions that require palliative care and when 3-legged, 19 year old Arthur arrived with us over 12 months ago we believed we were supporting him in the final days and weeks of his life. Arthur has a condition called squamous cell carcinoma… An aggressive form of skin cancer affecting his ear tips and nose.

Palliative care by definition is “If you have an illness that cannot be cured, palliative care makes you as comfortable as possible, by managing your pain and other distressing symptoms.

Since arriving with us Arthur has had a wonderful time, greeting volunteers at the gate, leaning on people to compensate for his missing leg and has been dubbed the “world’s oldest kitten” due to his bouts of boundless playful energy.

We always knew Arthur wouldn’t be with us too long … But instead of dying a painful and lonely death in the streets he has spent the last 14 months feeling safe, loved and warm. He has not had to forage for food or fight for survival.

Sadly on Monday Arthur lost his fight and we miss him terribly. Arthur was “put to rest” as we knew his symptoms could no longer be relieved. Arthur will be missed by volunteers, visitors. Neighbours and friends… He was loved by many…..and a privilege to look after.

Rest easy now, Arthur.