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Rosa Update

It is exactly 3 weeks since this little kitten arrived with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary. Whilst we don’t know what exactly led to her horrific injuries affecting her legs and face we have been literally nursing her around the clock for 3 weeks. Our best guess is that the substance she was covered in was likely to be fibreglass resin or something similar.

We cannot believe how brave beautiful Rosa is. She was on intravenous fluids for the first 2 weeks. Her special dressings initially were being changed twice a day, and these are now being done once a day. Rosa is on very strong pain relief and antibiotics and has been very comfortable throughout her care.

Every one involved in her care and beyond is so invested and totally rooting for her recovery. We are currently trying to wean her off recovery liquid, however she would rather not chew! So we will contine with the recovery liquid until she feels ready to maybe eat, we will keep trying!

You can see in the photos the gradual changes in her head and legs. Rosa’s road to recovery remains in it’s infancy and we have a very long road ahead of us. In the Specialist Silicone Dressings alone (not the bandages and wrap) we have used over £1000 worth, but worth every penny.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated towards Rosa’s care so far.