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Rosa Update

Yesterday marks 13 weeks since Rosa arrived at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary with horiffic burns to her head and all 4 legs. Her legs and head have miraculously healed so well however her eyes are still badly affected.

In just 6 days time Rosa will undergo groundbreaking surgery with David and Gemma at Northcote Veterinary Surgery to hopefully mend her beautiful face .

Gemma , the lead surgeon for Rosa has been liasing with various specialists and referral centres who have never seen such injuries however Gemma through hours of relentless research has tracked down Heidi and Sue, 2 world leading eye surgeons who have dealt with similar ( but not the same) cases.

Both the leading surgeons have taken a considerable amount of time out of their schedules to discuss Rosa with Gemma.

Yesterday we met to discuss the new surgical.plan, which has now changed in method however will still commence next Thursday 18th May .

The now proposed surgery is far more complex in order for it to be as successful as possible for Rosa.

The scar tissue from the burns has fused to her skull and we are leaving this area well alone… in the original “textbook” plan this area would have been disturbed … and likely cause a ” re facelift” effect, causing the surgery to fail.

We are not seeking perfection… we are hoping that Rosa will have full function of her eyes and be able to blink!