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Rosa Update

Look who has been to the vets today for a review and planning for her hopefully last surgery! Rosa has been with us 23 weeks, that’s almost 6 months and finally her recovery goals are in sight.

Rosa’s final groundbreaking surgery will hopefully take place on 22nd August 2023.
I’m sure you will all agree that Rosa has literally overcome the impossible.

This would not be possible without the amazing support of everyone who has cheered Rosa on with donations, and of course tge amazing team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery and surgeon Gemma.

Rosa has by far been the biggest challenge we have faced at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary. Physically, financially and emotionally its been tough.. but finally a successfull end is in sight

Over the next couple of weeks we will be fundraising like mad to endevour to cover the costs of Rosa’s Final Surgery and in September we will be hosting a Celebration for Rosa too.