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Splash and Splash – Looking for a Special Home

❤️Looking for a special home❤️

This is Splish and Splash.
We believe they are mum and daughter around 5 month and 10 months old.

They have been in Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary for 21 weeks now and are desperate and deserving of a loving home.

Splish and Splash are little delights who have come from absolute tragedy.

Splash is a funny little girl, she’s nervous if you move quickly and doesn’t want to be stroked, but she’ll happily lick your hands and loves to play. She has a funny leg that will need monitoring ( the sanctuary will cover any future veterinary intervention required for this leg), but she can get around just fine and it’s so funny to see her little arm flapping around.
It’s a condition called radial hypoplasia which means her radius has formed properly… this is a birth defect.

Splish gives enough fuss for both of them. She loves being stroked and puffs her tail up when she gets lots of love, and makes herself a little nest to sleep in.

They’d love to be settled together in a quiet and understanding home before Christmas!

If you are interested in adopting this adorable mum and daughter pair please click the link below and fill in our pre adoption enquiry form.