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Summer STOPtacular

☀️🏖️☀️THIS WEEKEND @ BCWR…☀️🏖️☀️
This weekend we would usually be hosting our 3 day Bank Holiday Summer Garden Party and Fundraiser… our biggest annual event.

This year and for the foreseeable future we simply cannot host any “Open Events” what so ever. Obviously the Coronavirus has really taken its toll globally and a little closer to home too.

On a personal note I am devastated to not be able to hold any events and as the rescue’s Care Coordinator I cannot risk ANY exposure to infections due to my recent further weakened immune system.

So instead we are asking people to stop at home, and support us from the comfort of their home. Throughout the weekend we will be sharing behind the scenes stories of cat in our care… To help raise some much needed funds, hosting competitions, and we will also be trying for the first time to Go Live – keep an eye on our Facebook!

We have also launched our COVID Secure Campaign: “IT’S IN YOUR HANDS”.
Please please virtually join us for our Summer STOPtacular, we miss all our visitors terribly …. And we hope to share lots with you over the weekend.