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Tatum and Tilla Update

Tatum and Tilla have been with us almost 8 weeks.
Whilst both small for their age of 7 months, Tilla has remained healthy throught her time with us however Tatum really has been dreadfully ill.
We suspect this is a result of inbreeding coupled with the squalid conditions they were both living in prior to arriving with us.

We are delighted to say that despite everything this pair are both fully recovered, had their pre adoption health check and first Vaccine

Tatum has a degree of micro opthalmia however we dont think this will cause issues in the future.. he just needs eyes wiping with water daily.

In the unlikely event of problems in the future, we will provide full financial support in relation to his eyes.

We are now looking for a forever family for Tatum and Tilla .
The only essential attribute is that they have an indoor only home TOGETHER.

They are both now neutered.

If you can offer this petite pair a loving home please complete the pre adoption enquiry form and quote Tatum and Tilla.
Thank you