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Tissue Paper Kittens Update

Tissue Paper kittens Update
Our premature kittens are now 12 days old.
For the last 12 days they have been continuing to develop as they should have in-utero.

Up until yesterday they have been too weak to suckle mums milk and we have been feeding them around the clock, initially every 30 mins, and the longest we have left them between feeds is 90 mins.

To maintain mums milk supply we have massaged her with warm towels after each time her babies were fed. Thankfully this has prevented her milk from drying up.

We believe that the kittens are almost full term now and have become bundles of fluff. Despite this we haven’t a clue how the internal organs / brain have developed or are developing.

Sadly over the weekend the weakest kitten little Christos died. He was born weighing less than 40 grams. He really fought however we believe there was something seriously wrong internally.

The 2 remaining kittens Gkikas and Erlyn remain strong at this time. Whilst we contine to feed them, we have reduced this down to 2 hourly now (a bloody luxury at night). They are both feeding from mum but get tired very easily so we will continue to support them nutritionally and help mum Abbie with her milk flow.

The prognosis of the 2 kittens remains very guarded.