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Tobias – Fund Raising Appeal

At BCWR we never quite know what is around the corner.
Today we were contacted by staff at Calder Vets in Dewsbury who have a critically ill cat in their care.

Tobias has been involved in a road accident and needs urgent life saving surgery to repair his degloved and severely fractured jaw.
Tobias owner has been located however they cannot financially of physically care for him now and he has been surrendered to the vets.
Tobias will need feeding via an oesophageol tube for several weeks post surgery (just like Pen-y-ghent).

We have been given a generous discount for this surgery and have been estimated between £1300-£1800.
We have taken a massive leap of faith and hope over the weekend to raise this so that he can have his surgery ASAP.

This is a huge dent into our finances however the vets and we feel that his best chance is with us for his after care.
If you would like to support Tobias and his huge surgery bill here you can see all the ways on our donate page.