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Uro Update

What a busy day its been at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary especially for Uro.

Uro was brought to us a couple of days ago following being taken into a vets injured.

He likely has been involved in a road accident possibly over a week ago and suffered a fractured pelvis and a life threatening ruptured diaphram.

This means that he sustained a very heavy force abdominal trauma causing his adbominal organs to be forced through the diaphram, tearing it full length then the organs are ” shunted” into the chest space.

This compromises the ability to breathe due to the reduced lung capacity.

The lengthy surgery today at Leeds Veterinary Centre involved attempting to put the organs into the correct position back into the abdomen, stitching the extensive tear, a drain inserted into the lungs to remove air,blood and mucus meanwhile throughout the surgery a nurse was ventilating (artificially breathing) him.

The surgery went relatively well. The stomach, liver, pancreas and spleen was replaced however was all the more tricky due myscle contracture with it being a historic injury.

Uro is now back at the Sanctuary in intesnsive care on our Critical Care Ward. He will be monitored closely overnight.

Todays successful surgery and care cost just over £1100. Thank you to the amazing team Leeds Veterinary Centre and of course everyone who supports our work and helps us save lives just like Uros.