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Washington Update

It’s just been 48 hours since Washington arrived with us following a considerable amount of time surviving on the streets. As you can see he is now recovering well and hopefully will be able to come off his intravenous fluids tomorrow.

Feeding alone really is not enough. If you are feeding strays in Bradford please click this link to find out about help available for neutering.

If a stray you are looking after appears ill or injured ring the RSPCA on 03001234999 and ask for a log number as you have a stray injured cat that needs a vet urgently.
Once obtained ring the vet you’re going to go to to check they will treat with the RSPCAlog number, most vets do. The log number will ensure that assessment and emergency care is given therefore minimising suffering.

There are so may cats out there needlessly suffering and rescues like ours are absolutely saturated with human error, neglect and cruelty.