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As a rescue here at BRADFORD CAT WATCH we are continually overwhelmed by the kindness, love and support we are offered by our community of supporters EVERYDAY.

At this time of global crisis we want YOU to remember that we are here for YOU too.

We are and have ALWAYS been a community rescue and we are in this together.

Due to social distancing advice we cannot offer face to face support however we WANT you to know that in this time of uncertainty, we are “all ears”.

We have a team here who want to break isolation are happy to give ANYONE a friendly phone call .

If you or anyone you know woukd like this please drop us a private message.

We are all ears, happy to listen, chat and share time together, you do not have to be at crisis point.

Drop us a message and say hi !! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, or at the end of the phone.