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Who Remembers Elsa?

Well this is as update from her new owner….
We just wanted to give an update on how Elsa is doing as we know there were a few people following her recovery progress as Katie Lloyd nursed her back to full health. We went to meet Elsa on Tuesday afternoon (9th March) and brought her back with us the same afternoon. As expected she was very nervous for the first couple of days, spending the majority of her time hidden under the sofa, only appearing briefly for little nibbles of food before retreating again.
4 days later and she’s completely at ease and enjoying her new life here with the 2 of us. She’s played, explored and had us laughing at her antics. There’s a good deal of mischief in those eyes. Honestly you’d have no idea of her rocky start in life if you didn’t know.
Speaking of those eyes, they’re the reason Elsa has had a change of name. On the journey back home in the car she was peering out of the windows of her cat carrier trying to take in all the sights, as well as checking us 2 out. Lesley Trimby commented on her eyes being olive coloured…….and that was it. Olive.
We can’t thank everyone at BCWR enough, especially Katie who dedicated so much time and energy nursing Olive back to health, and to Charlotte for putting us forward as adopters. Thank you so much for all you did to help her. It’s only fair, in return, we promise to spoil her rotten 😁