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A Winter’s Miracle

Do you believe in miracles?
Winter is our own little miracle.

Winter has been with us exactly 8 weeks today.
When she arrived she was a breath from death.
Hypothermic to the point her temperature could not be read, hypoglycaemic, malnourished.
Shecwas so cold and her blood glucosecso low tgat her organs were failing fast.

A short while after we discovered that she had an irreparable fracture to one of her legs and a serious head trauma too which has caused lasting seizures.

Fast forward 8 weeks we have a bright happy and bouncy 15 week old kitten, who has an incredible quality of life despite being left blind and with significant brain damage too.

Winter will need anti seizure medication for the rest of her life due to the head trauma causing brain damage and is reluctant to use a litter tray.
She needs prompts to eat however at this stage we have no plans to amputate her broken leg as she is bouncing around on it like nothing has happened.

Over the next few days, we will attempt to start weaning her out of intensive care however this will be done very slowly.

Winter has just had her second vaccination today and the vets were delighted with her recovery.

I just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has donated or supported Winter’s journey so far.

Northcote Veterinary Surgery, you truly are the best, Roger at “Vet Practice Support” you are a diamond, volunteers at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary – Winter could not have survived without you too.

❤️Thank you every one ❤️