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Rosa’s Breakthrough

Rosa’s Breakthrough.
Today we are delighted to tell you that we felt confident enough in Rosa’s progress that we have been able to finally withdraw her intravenous fluid therapy and remove her cannula. Despite this Breakthrough Rosa’s recovery journey remains in its infancy.

We worked out today accurately that including veterinary support, specialist dressings, drugs and specialist food that that she so desperately needs Rosas care is costing £72.50 per day. This is a massive amount of money and is likely to go on for months.

Lots of individuals have already donated towards her care but could you donate:
£1 covers one antibiotic dose, she has 2 doses a day.
£5 pays for one leg bandage, she has 4 legs.
£6 pays for one specialist silicone dressing (she needs 4 a day).
£10 which covers analgesia for 24 hours
Could you consider donating even as little as £1.00?

All the ways you can help are on our donate page 💚