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Abandoned: Eleven, Will, and Dustin

Once again BCWR we witness deliberate cruelty and neglect.

As you can see in this clip from our CCTV 2 women and a child entered the Sanctuary View Visitor Area this morning.

I was not at the rescue at this point, I was actually at an urgent medical appointment.

Their little visit in total was just over 7 minutes and in that time they cooed through the fence at all our cats, then proceeded to open the cat carrier in their hand and dump 3 adorable kittens.

We have named the kittens Eleven, Dustin and Will. We are horrified that they could blatantly do such a cruel act and leave them exposed to to many dangers, with a child.

The kittens are around 4 to 5 months old and appear in reasonable health.

We intend to report these irresponsible people and have clear photos of their faces too from another camera.