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Happy Hour- Friday Positivity

Beautiful and brave Heather has been inbtge rescue 58 days now following being found in a residential home garden injured..
Heather had a severe fracture and to save her life her leg was amputated by our amazing vets at Northcote.

8 week later, Heather has left Camp Cat Watch and gone to her new fur- ever family today.


Peanut Arrived with us at BCWR almost 5 weeks ago.

He was dumped outside in a cat carrier near the Broaway Shopping Centre in Bradford

It is believed he had been there covered in his own faeces several hours before someone stopped to help.

As well as being covered in poop and fleas he also had a problem with his rectum meaning he couldn’t poop properly. He never quite finished his poop!

He has had surgery and medication to tweak to get the right dose for him and finally he is doing brilliant in his foster home.


Zoran has been with us 6 days following being handed to me at the gate of BCWR.

I quickly realised that he was very ill and injured and rushed him up to our vets just before they closed.

After several xrays, tests and experiments opinions Zoran did indeed have a fracture however in the initial xrays this wasn’t visible.

Zoran has had a check up with the amazing team at Northcote Vets last week and is now recovering really well in his foster home.


Beautiful Badger has been with us exactly 80 days.

He came to us experiencing the most horiffic seizures that we have ever seen. The frequency and severity of them was traumatic for all concerned.

After weeks of blood tests, medication tweaking and creating a safe and calm environment we think we are just about on top of his condition at last.

He is having medication twice a day, blood tests every 3-6 weeks now and being loved and looked after in the quieter area of the rescue.

We have just celebrated 4 weeks seizure free.


It’s been a really tough few weeks BCWR. We have witnessed so much neglect, cruelty and been left to mop up the aftermath of others actions.

Whilst it’s been so hard, I’m so lucky to spend my life doing what I absolutely enjoy and supported by the most amazing friends, volunteers and veterinary professionals at Northcote Vets.

Aside of the amazing people I could do this without our amazing feline friends too.

My little Carrots is aways there to give me a hug, make me feel better and cover me in fur too.


I never believed, but always hoped that I could get Weasel and Racoon through their fragile moments from hours old and at almost 8 weeks they are both FINALLY eating! It’s been a challenging few weeks and coffee sales are through the roof.