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Bolton Update

Bolton has just been with us just 8 days following being found injured in a garden.
X-rays revealed that he has a very bad fracture to his right femur and both our very experienced vets and the specialists at Torrington Orthopaedic Referrals believe the fracture is at least 12 weeks old as it has remodeled, therefore cannot be repaired.

As well as the fracture Bolton had very little sensation and use of his left hind limb too.
Bolton spent the first few days in Intensive Care on our Critical Care Ward and ended up having emergency care for a blocked bladder full of blood and clots at Abbey House Vets last weekend.

Over the last few days Bolton has come on in leaps and bounds, has started using a litter tray to pee and poop.
Today he stood on his left hind limb for the first time, so the nerves are certainly improving. In the short term we are now going to work on strengthening his left hind leg so that his right hind limb can be safely amputated

Bolton absolutely loves his food and is devouring almost a full box of Sheba (poultry) a day.