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Abbie and her “Tissue Paper” kittens update

Abbie and her ” Tissue Paper ” kittens update.

It’s day 6 of co- parenting Abbies kittens.
Born premature with barely any fur, not strong enough to suckle milk from mum, incomplete development including facial features and skin like tissue paper….. they continue to do well.

They are now gaining weight daily, and even heading in the right direction to find mums milk.

Despite all this they still cannot suckle and are being drip fed by me every 60 minutes around the clock.

❤in light of the needs of the Tissue Paper Babies I am launching our first Chocolate and Confectionery Recycling Project to help make my life sustainable at this exhausting time ❤

If you wish to drop by and say hello, show your support we are here this afternoon until 4pm… you may even get a cuppa too.
We are also appealing for kitten food in jelly.
We are at 1 Ashbourne Ave Bradford BD2 4AW.