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Abbie and her Premature Kittens update

Abbie and her Premature Kittens update.
Abbie and kittens have been with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary just over 48hours following their early and dramatic entrance into the world on Tuesday.

As we begin the third night of nursing them, whilst their prognosis is very guarded, they are currently doing really well.

Abbie is eating well and despite her young age she is very attentive to her babies however they are not quite strong enough to suckle so mummy and me are co-parenting… I’m feeding and Abbie is doing the rest.

Because the kittens are so premature they haven’t fully formed yet, they barely have any fur and their skin is so terriby fragile.

The kittens have very little immunity and it is impossible for them the regulate their body temperature.

I want to say a massive thankyou to all our supporters for your continued support.
We are very lucky to have 3 intensive care units on our Critical Care Ward costing over £1500 each.
They cost around £1.10 a day each in power.

Without your generous gifts which enabled us to purchase these units Abbies kittens would not even stand a chance and would have died within hours of arriving with us due to their fragility.

Abbie and her kittens have all gained a little weight today and their condition is currently stable.