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Abbie and her kittens Christos, Gkikas and Erlyn

New arrivals this evening at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
Mum ran into a property earlier today and started giving birth under a bed.

This is young mum Abbie and her kittens Christos, Gkikas and Erlyn.

They are all currently on our critical care ward in an intensive care unit.

Mum is around just 5 months old and the kittens are premature.

All 3 kittens have barely any fur and are very weak therefore struggling to suckle.

Their facial features haven’t fully formed either.

Abbie is using all her resources to try to be the best mum she can however myself and Abbie are co- parenting together and sharing the mummy role.

Together we are feeding, cleaning and nurturing the kittens every 30 mins to try to give them the best possible chance of survival despite the guarded prognosis for all the kittens.