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Willy Update

You may remember seeing Wee Willy Winkys arrival post.
Willy was transferred into our care from another rescue who didn’t have the resources to care for him.

Willy arrived with us, very under nourished, anaemic from a heavy flea burden and a horiffic eye infection/ injury.
Whilst Willy has not been willing to eat and we have been supporting him nutritionally, he has remained relatively stable …. until yesterday teatime.
He was checked and fed every couple of hours around the clock.
Yesterday we went in at 4pm and he was having a sudden medical incident.
This was shocking to witness and we rushed him.up to the vets immediately.
The vets at Northcote were fantastic with him.
We discussed that possibly he had had a seizure and/ or that the Infection from his eye may have spread through the ear and even to his brain.

His intensive care has increased to 1:1 24/7
Willy has been much more stable today and has been reviewed.
It is believed that he may have a condition alikened to vestibular neuritis.
This is caused by a bacterial infections and is very serious.
He has now begun a new treatment regime comprising of antibiotics, anti emetic, strong pain relief and lots of love and reassurance.

We are unsure if Willy will make a recovery at all and if he does, if the head tilt, tremors, ataxia and other symptoms will improve.
We will keep you posted on Wonky Willy’s journey throughout the next few days.