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Splash’s Day Out

Splash is only around 16 weeks old and you may remember us assisting the police in rescuing Splish and Splash following them being left in a property for several days.

Splash has had an eventful day today at the vets.
She has had a general anaesthetic, been spayed and also has had xrays for what appeared like a leg injury.

The xrays revealed a rare condition which is a birth defect. The condition is known as radial hypoplasia.
This is an under development in the radius- one of the long bones in the front leg.

Specialists at Torrington Orthopaedics have also looked at the xrays and believe the best outcome for Splash and to provide the best quality of life, amputation of the limb would be the best option.

This is planned to be done in the next 2-4 weeks.