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Abbie and her tissue paper kittens

Who remembers Abbie and her tissue paper kittens.
Well she has well and truly had enough of trying the “mother malarkey”.

The kittens were born several weeks early with no fur, their facial features weren’t fully formed and throughout their early infancy they have had no suckle reflex….. and that is is only a list of the visible abnormalities… let alone the unseen internal ones.

Sadly 2 of her kittens died, most likely from underdevelopment internally however Gkikas continues to fight on.

Gkikas is now almost 5 weeks old yet still sits in the palm of my hand.
We contine to feed him every 2 hours around the clock… and despite his teeny tiny size and weight ( around the size of a 2 week old kitten) he is my littke Toy Soldier and is putting weight on every day

It is becoming more evident that Gkikas may have defects affecting his hips and legs.

It goes without saying that Gkikas is not at all being considered for adoption as he remains in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward receiving around the clock supportive care.
Mum Abbie is loving my bed!