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Abraham Update

Abraham is blind and at 18 years old he was found wandering in Leeds.
Every possible attempt has been made to try and locate his owner… and we are guessing that either his owner has died or simply does not want to be found.

Abraham is very sweet natured, great with other cats, has no major health issues and had been tested for age related conditions such as kidney failure, thyroid etc. He has no underlying health problems.

Sometimes Abraham cries out but with a little reassurance he soon settles down.
We are looking for a Silver Whiskers INDOOR placement for Abraham.
Abraham is not bothered by other cats and is super affectionate

We appreciate that sometimes older cats are harder to rehomed.
The liklihood of age related chronic health problems, coupled with the difficulty of obtaining adequate pet insurance sometimes prevents people from adopting one of our senior silver whiskered kitties.

An older cat usually offers much love, is grateful for love, a warm bed or knee and a bowl full of food.
Here at BCWR we are committed to finding the right home for every cat regardless of age, disability, colour or temperament.

A SILVER WHISKERS Adoption is when a cat over 10 ish years old is adopted into the best home possible… for the rest of their lives… however we commit to supporting both the senior cat and their owner should any chronic age related chronic conditions arise.

Examples of these conditions include hyperthyroidism, renal issues, arthritis or diabetes.
For further information about becoming a Silver Whiskers Partner please contact us by clicking the link below and quoting “Abraham”.