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Another Sleepless Night..

Another sleepless night, feeding and supervising naughty Jimmy, feeding kittens, keeping an eye on all out intensive care kitties in our Pawspital

This is the price those of us in rescue pay.

It’s not just time and money – although we would all be richer if we didn’t care so deeply – it’s the heartache when we have to step up and help when no one else can or will.

It’s us making those decisions to operate, medicate or relocate (adopt).

It’s us waking every hour to tend to abandoned kittens who shouldn’t have been born.
It’s us sitting up nursing poor Tom cats who have been so badly beaten in fights they have lost eyes, ears or legs. It’s us reassuring and supporting cats who have been abandoned because they stopped being “small and cute” and started spraying in the house.

Yes a long long time ago when I was a child growing in in a village in Halifax I thought what’s the harm? Kittens are adorable right?

Then I saw bags of kittens dumped in boxes by the side of the road. In people’s gardens. Litters dying because the owners had absolutely no idea how to care for one cat let alone the 7 they now had.
I woke up almost 16 years ago and decided to make a difference.

I changed.


I told and tell people all the time about the benefits of neutered pets.

We have rescued rehabilitated and rehomed over 6000 cats and kittens in this time.

Pets are a responsibility not a right.
If you have a cat neuter, insure, vaccinate and chip

Thank you to all of you who step up every single day to the point of exhaustion, bankruptcy and beyond anyone expects.
Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who join us on our mission not to save the world but simply save one life at a time.

These are just a few of the horror stories we have been involved with over the years and some only yesterday.